The Tooth

a trip to the dentist or
A modern variation on the Daemon Lover ballad

The Witch gouache painting by Maggie Umber



1947-1949: Story History

Shirley Jackson wrote her short story The Tooth in 1947. It was published in The Lottery: or, The Adventures of James Harris in 1949.


2016: Comic Production

The 24 page comic was drawn from mid-May to early June 2016.

This comic was drawn in pencil on cold press watercolor paper and then inked with a brush pen.


The Man in the Blue Suit or my Adventures with James Harris, The Daemon Lover. 2017.


2016: Publication History

The comic appeared in The Shirley Jackson Project, edited by Roby Kirby and published by Ninth Art Press, in 2016.


a tour-de-force silent interpretation Floating World Comics

Lines and objects lie on the page as if they will fade away if the reader’s gaze lingers—and lie by omission as well, each image sharing and concealing different parts of the story. Meanwhile, most consecutive panels fall far enough apart within the story’s timeline that performing closure becomes a bit like leaping across a series of widening puddles. Elusive but memorable, creepy but restrained The Comics Journal

show-stopper High-Low


The animation of The Tooth was first shown at the SJP book launch at Boneshaker Books in 2016 and then debuted online in the online magazine Anomaly MagazineIssue 25 in 2017.

Sound Credit Creative Commons 3.0 License

Fantastic Dim Barby Kevin MacLeod, Quinn's Song: A New Manby Kevin MacLeod