The Rock

Giving up life
to join a fomer lover in hell

The Witch gouache painting by Maggie Umber



1968: Story History

Shirley Jackson's The Rock was published posthumously in Come Along With Me in 1968. The boat, ferryman and demon made their way into the comic.

2018: Comic Production

Storyboards and printing began around the same time in April 2018. Printing was completed two months later in June.

2019: Publication History

The original version of this comic appeared in spiralbound magazine, edited by Edith Zimmerman and published by, in 2019.


The comic was composed of woodcuts carved from plywood blocks and printed on Japanese sketch paper with relief ink.



Mirrored, Muted & Mis-registered: Printing The Rock Woodcuts for The Man in the Blue Suit. 2019.