The Intoxicated

An encounter with James Harris
at a drunken party

The Intoxicated trace monotype by Maggie Umber



Early 1940s: Story History

Shirley Jackson wrote her short story The Intoixcated in the early 1940s. It was published in The Lottery: or, The Adventures of James Harris in 1949. The title, drunken party and James Harris are the only parts that end up in the comic.


2018: Comics Production

The storyboards were drawn one day in July 2018. The trace monotypes were printed from the end of July to early August 2018.

These trace monotypes were printed with relief ink on newsprint using pencil, crayon, marker and finger pressure.


2020: Publication History

This comic appears in Now: The New Comics Anthology #8, edited by Eric Reynolds, published by Fantagraphics. and a P5.js WEBGL program of The Intoxicated debuted at a Fantagraphics' reading/signing event. It was at Quimby's with Amy Lockhart on March 12, 2020. Amy promoted her graphic novel Ditch Life. Maggie promoted The Intoxicated, in Now: The New Comics Anthology #8.


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