James Harris: The Daemon Lover

From James Harris, The Daemon Lover
(Child Ballad 243)

The Witch gouache painting by Maggie Umber

MonotypesLinoleum Stamps


1685: Ballad History

The Daemon Lover is a popular Scottish ballad. The earliest printed version exists in a broadside from 1685. The version in this comic is 243F from the book English and Scottish popular ballads collected by Francis James Child. Variations of this ballad are still being performed, such as Bob Dylan's The Man in the Long Black Coat.


2017-2019: Comic Production

The first 10 monotypes were printed one day in August 2017. The storyboards were drawn in October 2019. The text was printed August-November 2019. The final 10 monotypes were printed in November 2019.

The monotypes were made with payne's grey Golden Open Acrylic on a Gelli plate and then printed onto Speedball Arnhem 1618 Printmaking Paper. The text was printed with hand-carved linoleum alphabet stamps and gouache on polypropylene watercolor paper.